McCall Gilbert — Interview - Strangers & Pilgrims

McCall Gilbert — Interview

Get to know McCall in this conversation around the upcoming full launch of the Strangers & Pilgrims x McCall Gilbert Collection. Winner of our pre-order giveaway is announced at the end of the interview. The collection is available on our Online Store that features our range of modern Christian art prints.


“I owe it all to Jesus!”


Who are you and where are you based?

I am McCall Gilbert now that I just got married to my high school sweetheart. We we’re born and raised in Georgia and just moved to Florida!
McCall Gilbert and her husbandMcCall Gilbert

What do you do?

I am a full time content creator/influencer. It was never my goal it truly just happened. I feel like talking about God and my true morals and standards really brought me such an awesome group of followers that feel like family. I love every part about creating content for brands and just sharing my life online and getting to meet so many like minded people! I always say if God wants me to have a platform then I will.

In your social media, you stand up for what you believe is righteous—have you always found it easy to stand up for truth and what helped you stand?

Honestly it is super easy for me to speak the truth because I am 100% my authentic self online. Whatever I preach I actually do. Losing followers after posting something can get discouraging but i just remind myself that speaking the truth is more important than a number. If i can just help one person my goal is accomplished. My goal is to help others learn about Jesus because He truly is the reason for everything.

What’s your biggest dream/goal at the moment?

My biggest dream has been to have a family of my own and move to the beach and we are one step closer to that by moving to Florida. One day we will have kids and I’m so excited for that day!


McCall Gilbert on the grass wearing denim overalls


What’s your favourite sound?

The sound of waves on a rocky beach because after the wave crashes on the rocks the noise of the rocks moving is so beautiful.

What food do you love that a lot of people hate?

Omg refried beans! Like a Mexican restaurant. I love them so much but lots think it’s gross haha


McCall Gilbert in the desertMcCall Gilbert at a cafe


Let’s move onto this collaboration— In this collection of Christian art prints, there are a lot of retro colours and themes. Can you talk about the inspiration behind the style?

I have always loved the retro vibes, from owning a VW bus to skateboarding with my husband, the community of people and the style of clothes in that community have always been my favorite! Rainbow retro stripes are all over our home and I feel like a colorful home makes for happier days!


McCall and Jake Gilbert hanging the Strangers & Pilgrims x McCall Gilbert framed print collectionMcCall and Jake Gilbert hanging the Strangers & Pilgrims x McCall Gilbert framed print collection


“And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?” Matthew 6:30 NLT — what importance does this scripture have in your life?

This verse is my favorite because it shows that if he cares for something so little as a flower that can be there for just a day then imagine how much more He loves and cares for and watches over you! Powerful and a good reminder!

What’s your hope for how God would use this collection?

I hope God will allow me to reach as many people as possible with this collection and that it will speak to the perfect people who need to hear these words and maybe even have it on their walls as a reminder to look at every single day! I know I do! I pray God will speak through me with this collection!

As a creative, how has Jesus affected your creativity?

I owe it all to Jesus! He brings the smiles and joy out of me! He makes me see others and see the world through a better light. God created this beautiful earth and I just want to explore every inch and take pictures in front of it. Jesus gave me a gift of creativity and my purpose is to use it to share His light in the world.


Thank you McCall for chatting with us and allowing us into your world. You can also support McCall and follow her journey on Instagram at @mccall.mitchell


The winner of our pre-order giveaway is: Abbie Youngworth

We will reach out to you via email and DM.

Strangers & Pilgrims x McCall Gilbert Collection is available on our Online Store

Blessings in Christ,



McCall Gilbert

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