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Cecily Hennigan — Interview


Cecily gave us an insightful interview in September of 2023 around the same time we launched a unique collaboration of Christian art prints, designed around personal themes of Cecily's.


First off, where are you based and what is your favourite thing about your current location?

I'm based in Franklin, TN (Nashville) - My absolute favourite thing about where I live is the community. I've traveled a lot and seen a lot of cultures but this place has so beautifully impacted me by the community I have here. Such a culture of sitting at a table and making a spread and staying a while.
Cecily Hennigan


If we were to experience 24hrs of your life, what would we experience?

Probably a simple slow writing day. Sleeping to maybe 8am having a full breakfast (avo toast on homemade sourdough, with an over medium egg, a lemon water and maybe a coffee probably a matcha though) get ready for the day slowly listening to a really great record, go to the studio of the day and write the best song that I leave singing over and over all day and then go home and show it to my roommates while I dance around like a crazy person. We have a small but yummy lunch. Probably seaweed, sticky rice, smoked salmon and sesame seeds dipped in soy sauce. (I love to cook can't you tell) go on a longboard in downtown or in the neighborhood. Text all the pals and see who's free for dinner and cook something up together and eat and laugh and then end the night dying laughing while competitively playing cards.


What excites you and energises you?

I'm excited and energised by creating. In any facet. Making music, drawing/painting, dancing, setting a table, cooking a spread, just making beautiful and intentional things for and with good people.


As a creative artist, what does the typical creative process look like when creating music or other projects?

Typically engaging with art and beauty always and being inspired by all the life and colour around me. The second I miss the beauty in a drive down my road that I've become familiar with, then I am probably gonna be in a creative rut but constantly stimulating my brain with recognizing beauty and engaging with art and creativity, I stay inspired. I have a discipline of constantly creating something just for the delight of it. Either writing a song every day or painting something, deeply engaging with a film, or dancing around or just doing something that keeps my imagination rolling.



Tell us about a specific song of yours that holds significant personal meaning. What inspired you to write it, and how has it impacted your own relationship with Jesus?

Honestly I have a song out called "Boy" and believe it or not, I wrote it about just the process of detaching from the lies and bad habits that often keep me bound or out of relationship with Jesus. It has been an anthem to scream at thin air almost against all the things that try to hold me back from my true self and from relationship with Jesus and even just pure and good things. (Stream "Boy" on Spotify here)


I was listening to the song MAN-UH recently, and then heard a song that you did with Housefires. One thing that you do so well is diversify your creativity in your music. Tell us a bit more how you achieve this?

This has been quite a no brainer for me because I feel like it's easy to just jump into one lane or sound when in an industry. But I set out from the beginning of my career to fight for whatever comes out of me. Trusting that however I needed to express myself to convey a message that was ringing true in my life, needed to be done the way it was so it let it happen and I don't question it ever. Most importantly, partnering with people (producers, writers) who also don't hold me back or try to keep me in one lane, but just chase the vision of the day with me wholeheartedly.


If you weren't creating music, what would you be doing instead?

I would NO DOUBT be an interior designer that also travels all over the world.


Now, lets talk about the Cecily x Strangers & Pilgrims collection! How do you personally interpret the meaning behind each print design?

I love this collection! All of these pieces feel like babies to me for working so long on them. Specifically the surf shot I took on a really special trip in my life, on film after spending a solo day dreaming with the Lord in California and it just felt so right to partner a quote abbreviation of the scripture in Psalm 139 that just felt so tangible for me in this season, pursuing and finding God in all the little and big things. There's no where you can run or hide that you won't find or be found.


Where Can I Go From You Print - Surfing, Blue water, ocean inspired by Psalm 139


Smell The Roses art print was so special to me as its a lyric from a song from my very first album "Nineteen" and the lyric "Maybe Ill Stop and Smell the Roses" has been a special little reminder to me to pause and notice all the many blessings and beautiful things around me, constantly.


Smell The Roses Print - A vogue typographic treatment inspired by Cecily's song "Smell The Roses"


Lastly the Slow and Steady piece, was so specific to the last year I've been in. I took a 7.5 month sabbatical from music and the busy life I was living and really took time to be with the Lord and let Him refine me. This one just feels like the creative embodiment of the season I was in.


Simple Slow Steady Print - Flora, fauna, birds, flowers illustration


 Strangers & Pilgrims X Cecily Art Prints


It's our vision that with our prints that people would encounter the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus. Just like a song is a vessel that God can use to encounter people and transform their life, we are on a mission to see people experiencing God through everything we create.

With that said, what is your hope and prayer for the impact of this collection? 

Yeah, my hope and prayer is that all art prints are visual representations of the slow, patient and beautiful love of God and how no matter where we are or what our circumstance is, He is there and He is never leaving your side. I pray that these would also be a sweet conversation starter in the homes they enter as guests come and go, that they provoke conversations through their bright colour palettes and design.


We love the outcome of collaborating with you Cecily! Thank you for your vision, creativity and heart for Jesus. Now a few rapid fire questions to close out this interview!


What's your favorite Bible verse?

Luke 12:25-28


If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Currently Julia Micheals she's insane.


What's your go-to karaoke song when you're out with friends?

Anything by Celine Dion.


Thank you for being apart of this interview Cecily! We appreciate you very much and it's been a joy to collaborate with you and get to know you. Shop the collection with Cecily below. 

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Blessings in Christ,




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