S&P x McCall Gilbert

Together with McCall Gilbert, we're releasing a digital product consisting of three exclusive phone wallpapers tailored to resonate with the vibrant lovers of Jesus who share a passion for all things vintage, skating, coastal living and refined style.

Exclusives benefits for joining the waitlist

  • Invitation to exclusive Instagram group chat.

  • Vote on the final designs alongside McCall herself.

  • Discount pricing

  • Unreleased wallpapers for this collection will added to the bundle (This will not be released publicly)

  • Early access to purchase before it's released to the public. (There is limited quantity of the product)

  • Access to the 5 day window this product will be available for. (Product won't be available after the 5 day window)

  • More exclusives will be announced soon

Why create this collection of phone wallpapers with McCall?

  • Your phone is an extension of yourself—a canvas for self-expression. With these wallpapers, you can be reminded of who God is and who you are.

  • These designs will serve as daily touchstones, grounding you in scriptural truth or inspire creativity.

  • The wallpapers can create a moment between you and God to build your relationship with Him.

  • Let your wallpapers spark conversations about Christ and the Gospel.

  • Wallpapers are created in partnership with the Holy Spirit in prayer.