• Strangers & Pilgrims X Dash Garcia Print Collection
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    • Completely Free Service normally valued at $1500.
    • Personalized Design tailored to your vision and inspiration.
    • Bespoke expert design skills.
    • High resolution print ready files.
    • Framing services available for your personalised design.
    • Our prayerful design process prioritises the Holy Spirit's lead.
    • Receive our art print quiz when you sign up for the waitlist.
Simple Slow Steady Print (S&P x Cecily Collection)

Transform Your Space with Free Custom Christian Art

If you have all the inspiration for the perfect Christian wall art print but don't have the design experience, resources or time — then this offering is for you.

And if you've found an art print that has the scripture you wanted but isn't the right design, then you've landed at the correct place.

We understand how expensive it is to hire an expert designer to create something that is timeless, professional and yet spiritually powerful.

Not too mention the times when you spend countless hours searching for the perfect Christian art print gift for your loved one, but then settling for less than what you desired.

You might not have the design experience to create the art print, or the money or resources but you certainly have the vision and inspiration.

This exclusive offer is where we can solve these problems and limitations for you.

See All The Benefits

It's more than just art for us. We create in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Praying and believing for God to encounter people through each and every single print.

  • Experienced Designers

    We have solely created more than 60+ Christian art prints that have impacted numerous people by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Trusted by Christian Creatives

    It's been our pleasure to have partnered with several creatives around the world who adore Jesus but also use their influence to glorify God and preach the gospel.

  • Prophetic Design Process

    We desire for the power of scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit to radically transform and save people through each print.

We've partnered with some of the world's most creative followers of Christ using their influence for God's glory

McCall Gilbert

With a passion for sharing Christ to more than 500,000 followers across her social media platforms — we worked together with McCall on a collection of art prints, showcasing meaningful scriptures and retro-vintage aesthetic.

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Alex Rodriguez

What has been a popular collection of art prints — Alex has created timeless art pieces using contemporary design principles, scriptural truths and bold graphics. He has also worked with Adids, Spotify, Bethany Church, Transformation Church and more. His creativity exudes Christ in ways that are inspirational.

Discover Print Collection

Starlette Thynne

Star's passion for the scriptures, godliness and living an authentic life according to who God has created her to be is contagious. Having worked with Fashion Nova, JD, ROMWE and more, we have had the privilege of partnering together to glorify God on a collection that have deep meaning to her.

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and many more.

To view all the collections of prints we have created in partnerships, please explore them below.


Here's what you'll receive

Strangers & Pilgrims X Grace Frank Print Collection

Personalised print design

One of a kind custom Art Print

Not only will the design be highly personalised, but tailored to your vision and inspiration that you brief us with. We know how hard it is find the exact scripture/quote, with the perfect colours or design.

Expert Design

We've created more than 60+ prints and our experience extends beyond 10+ years in design and more than 7 years in Christian art print design.

From bespoke illustrations to 3D renderings, to photo manipulations and graphic design — we are confident that we can turn your vision into a reality.

You'll also be given 1 on 1 access with a designer to ensure you're happy with the final result.

Strangers & Pilgrims x McCall Gilbert Print Collection

$1500 Value of Design Time

If you calculate the average cost of a graphic designer at $40 per hour. That's the equivalent of 37.5 hours of design time dedicated to create your custom art print, entirely for free.

High Resolution Files

The final design files will come in multiple sizes that are standard to frames and will be high resolution to ensure the print's colours are accurate and the quality is clear.

Up to 2 Revisions

To ensure you are completely satisfied we offer up to 2 design revisions on the art print. We understand that things need adjustments sometimes, however we reduce the need for several revisions through our effective onboarding process.

Framing Add On

You will receive access to our printing and framing service which is museum-quality matte paper. Our frames are made of wood from renewable forests for sustainability.


Discover Your Art Print Style Quiz

Experience our personalised quiz that curates a collection of Christian art prints to match your style and aesthetic. Enjoy a complimentary bonus gift valued at $60 at the end of the quiz.

Are we a good fit?

Is this custom art print offer right for you? We want to make sure that we're a perfect fit for each other to provide the most value.

  • 1. You're a Christian creative who has a passion for God's presence, creativity and empowering other creatives.

  • 2. You're constantly looking for interior design inspiration and look to make the most of your spaces so they glorify God.

  • 3. Investing into art and specifically Christian art is something you hold dear to your heart.

  • 4. You already have a library of print design ideas and inspiration because you're always on the look out for new concepts and ideas.

  • 5. You don't necessarily have the time, design experience or budget to create your own Christian art print but you have the vision.

  • 6. You're prepared to actually use the print in your space, provide feedback and potentially refer someone who would love this offer too.

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